Designer and maker of beautiful and highly unusual Wallpapers and Fabrics.
Much of Gabi Bolton’s approach to her work derives from her first introduction to images as objects. As a child she would frequently help her father in his darkroom at the end of the garden, where he processed and printed his photographs. His care and attention to detail in cropping, retouching and processing images, not only showed Gabi the possibilities for adjustments within the design process, but that attention to detail including tone and contrast could be transformative. Inevitably, striving for the best results and perfection was obligatory.

Gabi records her inspirations with drawings, paintings and photographs and then transforms them digitally to fully realise their potential. Her interest in folklore and narrative leads her to focus on animals and natural landscapes, with the occasional appearance of the human figure.

For Original Little Bird the desire to create a story can go way beyond the remit for a "Textile Design". Her imagery along with the rhythm of the repeat patterns she creates and inserts into the designs become embedded in the cloth with tones, textures and seemingly random markings, that are impressed into the design.In this way the prints  benefit from the "look of age", something artist Grayson Perry appreciates as he famously remarks "My work often borrows the shabby familiar clothes of the antique, so as to lend gravitas to what it has to say".
Gabi battles against a natural desire to organise and control the designs and welcomes the "happy accident" with open arms, as it often leads to beautiful, unpredictable results.